June 18, 2024

You can verify your identity on the Robinhood platform through a valid government ID, SSN, or address identity.

Robinhood platform has increased accessibility to invest on its platform. It is possible due to its simple interference and free of commissions industries.

You must first go through Robinhood’s identification check procedure. Before you can begin purchasing digital currencies and other products.

Financial companies must verify your identification. To follow by regulations such as Remember Your Customer. And to stop the laundering of money, fraud, and other criminal activity.

To say that user is who they need to be. Robinhood employs an automated system that accesses official government records. Know on How to Get Robinhood Crypto Wallet.

While Robinhood’s ID verification process is simple for the majority of consumers. There are times when it can provide difficulties.

This tutorial explains all the requirements. And correct procedures for successful verifying your identity on Robinhood. Allowing you to immediately begin benefiting from their $0 commission transactions.

How to Open a Robinhood Account?

The following documents needed to confirm your identification with Robinhood:

  • A valid photo ID from the government.
  • SSN.
  • Documentation proving your address.


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For Robinhood to cross-reference US citizens. And legal residents with national tables, SSA numbers are a need. You might be able to use substitute documentation, such as a passport number, if you are a non-US citizen.

Robinhood allows a range of document formats as proof of address, such as.

  • Statement of bank account.
  • Statement of credit card.
  • Bills related to utilities.
  • Agreement for rent or leasing.
  • A municipal government record containing your address.

The proof of identity should be valid for confirmation so lengthy. As it is present and displays your current place of house.

How to Use Robinhood to Confirm Your Identity?

Once you have your documents ready. Follow these easy steps to finish verifying your identity on Robinhood.


Step 1. Create a Robinhood account.

To set up an account for the first time, if you aren’t already doing so, head to the Robinhood webpage or get the app. Enter your name, birthdate, and phone number, along with other essential personal data.

Step 2: Provide the ID document online

You will need to submit a photo of an official government identification document. Such as a passport or license for a driver, on the “Check the Identity” screen.

Aim for a sharp, glare-free picture. Verify that the ID can see in the picture from all four corners.

Step 3: Provide your address data and SSN.

Your actual home street address. And your nine-digit Social Security number must enter next.

Make sure you read this again for errors. As they can interfere with verification.

Step 4: Provide an address proof.

Robinhood requires documentation proving your residency at the given address.

You’ll required to upload a picture of your identification. Such as a utility bill, statement from your bank, or rental contract.

Step 5: Send in your work for automatic validation.

After submitting all necessary identity documentation. Click the button to finish the procedure.

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Now, Robinhood is going to compare your information with the official databases. Though it takes up to five business days. Verification completed instant.

Easy Identity Verification Tips.

Although most of the verification automated by Robinhood’s technology. The following advice can make the process go smoother.

  • Make use of crisp, superior scans or images.
  • Make sure that addresses and identities spelled accurate.
  • Send in color papers rather than monochrome ones.
  • When confirming on a desktop instead than a mobile device. Many customers report better outcomes.
  • You will have the chance to re-upload fresh documents or fix any errors. If Robinhood’s system refuses the first entry for any cause before attempting again.
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What Happens If You’re Having Trouble Verifying?

Users may run across persistent technical problems or database inconsistencies. When trying to verify their Robinhood account.

  • Speak with Robinhood customer service by phone, email, or app.
  • Check using another device or web page.
  • If any of your identity documents are out-of-date or incorrect, update them.
  • Add a pre-authenticated PayPal profile link.
  • After opening a profile with a different brokerage, move assets.

All in all, Robinhood’s authentication process is rather simple. You ought to be able to verify your identification. And open your new Robinhood trading account as soon as you have proper ID documents. Provide all the data.

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