June 18, 2024

Along with building an empire, Monopoly Go wants players to become collectors. That’s why we continuously get new Sticker Albums to fill. Within those Albums are Gold Stickers, the most valuable of collectibles in Monopoly Go. But how do you get Gold Stickers that are essential for completing every Sticker Album? Don’t worry, that’s exactly what this guide does.

Get Gold Stickers for Fast

If you want those gold stickers and can’t wait, the quickest and easiest way to fill out your album is to pay for it.

Scroll through the available bundles at the top of the screen, paying attention to the included sticker packs. Tap the sticker pack in the bundle window to view its description. Then tap the Info icon (i) at the top-left of the pop-up window to see your odds of getting a gold sticker.

Or you can buy the gold stickers you need directly from a trusted third party. But there is a limitation, gold stickers that are only tradeable during the Golden Blitz event. In general, this does not require you to have a lot of luck and solves your problem. Here we recommend you to buy them at U4gm, including any other cheap Monopoly Go Stickers!

Get Gold Stickers for Free

Earning gold stickers instead of buying them can take much longer, but if you’re patient, it can be done. All you have to do is keep acquiring sticker packs—or get ahold of a Wild Sticker. To earn sticker packs:

    Log in once per day and collect Daily Treats. The treats change each day, and some include sticker packs.

    Collect daily Quick Wins by tapping the Wins tab in the bottom-left corner. Some include sticker packs, and if you collect enough to fill the meter at the bottom of the menu, you can earn a 5-star sticker pack.

    Spin the Monopoly Wheel for a chance to win sticker packs. Earn spins by upgrading landmarks to place houses on your properties –then land on a color property that’s all hotels.

    Participate in events whenever they’re available. The requirements vary, but most will earn you sticker packs of varying rarities.

    Duplicate stickers earn you Sticker Stars, which can be exchanged for random sticker packs. When you’ve saved up enough stars (250 minimum), tap the button for the vault you want to get your rewards. You can also tap the vault to see what items are included, with the most expensive option offering a Wild Sticker.

Now you know how to get Gold Stickers for Monopoly Go! If you play your cards right, you can easily get the 1 to 3-Star Gold Cards. Keep at it, and you’ll eventually get the rarer 4 and 5-Star Gold Cards.

While you’re here, also check out our guide hub U4gm. And stay tuned for more guides, tips, and tricks about Monopoly Go!

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