June 18, 2024

When you’re looking to create an ambiance of affection, glamour and peace as well, the best way to do that is by lighting a candle. It’s the ultimate source of calming oneself and relaxing. Yes, there’s more to these little babies. The purpose of candle is more than just providing light in a dark area. It creates some of the most appealing, beautiful and elegant reflections of vibrant hues. And if the purpose is romantic, then these tiny goods can create the most seductive and glamorous surroundings. It gives the environment a hint of infinity. That’s what they do! But when you have a beautiful candle packed up all nicely in candle boxes, it becomes one of the most caring and appealing gift you can ever give someone.

But candle producers take note. You shouldn’t just choose any boxes. You need to choose the best options available. The boxes should be able to truly reflect your candle in the most appealing manner. It should be able to add more affection, appealing and elegance to the already glamorous products.

Think of designs that can exhibit your creativity and innovation at its best. The boxes should be unique enough to tell you that you have worked hard enough on these boxes to make your product special for your customers. However, if you feel you don’t have that creative knack, you can always hire the best designers and printers in town to do the job for you. But the key here is to have the best looking boxes to make them look top-notch.

There are numerous designers out there exhibiting the best standards of production and ideas. Their approach is to innovate methods of packaging that are entirely unique and new. These will change the outlook of the candle boxes to a new scope.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind when you are having the boxes customized for your goods.

Five Things to Consider

When you’re about to place an order, there are 5 factors that you need to keep in account for your own good. Make sure when you place the order, the following features should be incorporated in the boxes for your product.

 Cushions For The Candles

We know that many brnds and companies use some of the most rigid material for making their candles. Despite that, its highly pivotal that you provide a little extra security to your custom boxes.

You need extra cushioning in the boxes which is a very important feature. there’s a lot of moving for the boxes. Like transporting them from the warehouse to the stores and from there to the house etc. All this movement can probably crack the candles, the wax, or break the glass the product is in.

 Boxes Should Be Durable

This is another key factor that the material you use for the boxes should be durable enough to handle a little bit of pressure. You should consider Kraft boxes or ones made from cardboard.

For extra protection, as already mentioned, the cushioning needs to be there. Ideally, it is recommended that the cushioning be of at least two inches between the walls of the box and the item itself. This space will allow a little extra spacing so you can include perhaps a tissue to wrap up the candles.

 Remedy To Guard Against Melting

Candles are a delicate thing. During the heat wave, or when it gets a little too hot, these can melt. This way, your product can be damaged greatly. It can distort and not be in its original shape. Moreover, during shipment too, there is such a probability. Therefore, it is highly recommended that when you’re having the items shipped, they should have some frozen gel packs around them to keep the products cool. This can most likely prevent the melting factor.

 Options For Shipping

Although you have dealt with the melting issue by having them stored in frozen gel packs so they do not distort during shipment, however, you also need to ensure the delivery time is fast.

You can find a number ofelivery services that are highly reliable and fast. They express shipment offers that you can make sure of. These services also offer tracking numbers so that you are completely aware of your shipment and where it has reached. Keep checking the status of delivery.

 Luxury Packaging

There are times when you can also make sure of a costly material in the Kraft family to make your product even fancier. Give your candles a more luxury feel. Get Custom Packaging boxes for your product that gives a rather glossy finish to it. These can be the perfect item for gifting to someone special.


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