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Start your message by reflecting on favorite memories from your time working together. Recall inside jokes, fun projects you collaborated on or trips you shared. Describing specific meaningful moments you’ll cherish shows how much they meant to you. Keep recollections positive but honest in tone.


Express how your Goodbye Card colleague made an influence, whether through mentorship, leadership or friendship. Call out qualities you admired like work ethic, sense of humor or compassion. Highlight what you learned from them or how they helped you grow professionally. Appreciation conveys the difference they made.


Mention that you know they’ll succeed and continue making a difference wherever they go. Well-wishes show you believe in their bright future.




Include personal touches beyond just their work relationship by mentioning inside jokes, hobbies you bonded over or family anecdotes shared. Referencing aspects of who they are beyond their role individualizes your message.




Express that you hope to stay in touch, whether getting coffee if ever in each other’s town or following their future accomplishments. Offer contact details so the relationship can continue beyond the office. This makes the goodbye feel less final.




Tailor your tone and message based on how your colleague prefers to communicate. For upbeat types, keep it lighthearted yet meaningful. For more serious personalities, focus on professional impact rather than jokes. Know their communication style.




Nothing detracts from a heartfelt message like typos. Give yourself time to review for errors before sending. Have a colleague also proof to catch anything you may have missed in your own writing. Polished writing leaves the best impression.




Tuck in a favorite photo from your time working together, a small gift symbolic of an inside joke or a handwritten note with favorite recipe exchanged. Personal mementos make the card even more thoughtful.




We all prefer receiving appreciation in different ways. Those whose love language is quality time may appreciate detailed memories most. For acts of service, focus on their contributions. Tailor your message based on how they best feel valued.


Group cards are like surprise contributors to the celebration, bringing well-wishes and a good dose of collective joy. They’re not just cards; they’re collaborative expressions, turning occasions into a shared memory of camaraderie and heartfelt connection.




A card to a boss requires a more formal tone versus one to a peer. Adjust level of familiarity based on your relationship but keep messages positive, respectful and heartfelt. Sincere well-wishes are always appropriate.


With some thoughtful planning tailored to the individual, you can craft a goodbye card infused with caring sentiment that truly honors the relationship. Expressing gratitude makes a difficult transition more positive for both parties. A little effort goes a long way in making farewells feel good.


Referencing shared humor shows you were comfortable enough with each other to laugh together.




Scan photos, cards, or memorabilia you created together to include. This could be projects, presentations, or anything representing your collaboration allowing them to digitally hold onto these memories.




Ask other colleagues you know they were close with to share a favorite memory or message of appreciation to include. This shows how widely they were respected on the team.




Even if including a printed photo or digital file, handwrite your personal message. The personal touch of writing it yourself makes it more meaningful than just printing.


If there was a saying or quote the individual often lived by, include it as something to reflect on as they start their new adventure. This adds an uplifting element.




We all feel appreciation differently – acts of service, words of affirmation, etc. Consider how they best perceive care and focus your message accordingly.


A heartfelt goodbye card takes some thought but pays off in leaving on a positive note. Wishing someone well as they embark on their next chapter, whether retirement or a new opportunity, is always appreciated.


Here are some additional tips for crafting the perfect goodbye card:


Include a personalized playlist or Spotify QR code with songs that remind you of your time together or hold special meaning from shared experiences. Music can spark fond memories.


Design the card digitally using Sendwishonline.com or other free online tools to get creative with layouts, colors and images while still including your heartfelt message. A visually appealing design complements the sentiment.


If you have an inside joke related to a movie, TV show or meme, include a screenshot or GIF as a fun nod to your shared humor. Visual references to jokes bring smiles.


Consider launching a digital guest book or message board for other colleagues to post ongoing memories, well-wishes and stay in touch beyond the card. Include the link.


If retiring, include reminders of plans you discussed for their next chapter like hobbies, travel or time with family. This helps set the tone for an exciting new season of life.


Proofread thoroughly for errors but also have someone whose judgment you trust review to ensure the tone conveys care without coming across as disingenuous or insincere. Authenticity shines through.


With these additional ideas, your goodbye card can become a treasured keepsake as unique as your relationship. Wishing someone well on their journey is always appreciated.


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