June 14, 2024

You can earn a lot of money through eCommerce PPC services. Or you can bankrupt your whole business by bidding on anything and everything, getting a lot of clicks, and earning no sales.

That’s how serious the difference is between an effectively run PPC campaign and one that has little to no strategy. Of course, these common problems even plague the professionals – let’s take a look at some of the common issues with PPC, from 1DigitalⓇ Agency, a provider of eCommerce PPC services.

No Impressions: Not Bidding High Enough

Sometimes a campaign just doesn’t get any impressions. In that case, assuming the keywords that are a good match for the campaign have volume (it could be low volume) the issue is not bidding aggressively enough on the keywords that will bring in impressions and then clicks and sales.

Remember, you’re not the only one that wants to have ads appear at the top of the search results, and you need to pay for it. If your bids aren’t high enough, you’ll never get there, and your online store’s Google ads may not even show in the search engine results.

Impressions but No Clicks: Poor Keyword Research and Selection

If your ads are getting impressions but no one is clicking on them, then there’s a good chance that you’re going after irrelevant keywords.

Now, to be fair, getting impressions and no clicks is better still than getting impressions, clicks, and no conversions, but it’s still not good because you never earn anything.

You’ll need to have your eCommerce PPC services provider take a closer look at your keyword selections and see where any can be dropped and more lucrative ones added.

Impressions but No Clicks (Pt. 2!): Bad Ad Copy

Another problem with ads that get impressions but no clicks could be the ad copy (although this is rare).

Remember, you’ve got a split second to make an impression on your target market and get them to click. If your ad copy is totally flat, with no calls to action, urgency plays, or clear selling points, why would anyone click?

If you’re sure you’re gunning for the right keywords, take a second look at your ad copy, you may want to refresh it.

Clicks but No Conversions: Dealing with Bad Landing Pages

This is one of the worst situations that can befall a merchant running a PPC campaign, because if the campaign is getting clicks but no conversions you’ll be bleeding money.

The problem – assuming you’re targeting the right audiences and keywords – is likely that your landing pages are poorly optimized.

Either it takes them to the wrong place, it doesn’t give them clear options for checkout, or otherwise doesn’t meet expectations in some other fashion – but one thing is clear, something has to give, and soon, or your budget will dry up.

Stagnant Long-Term Performance: No Ongoing Optimizations

If your ad campaigns perform the same they did a year or two or even five years ago, someone isn’t running ongoing optimizations.

That’s either you, your ads manager, or the eCommerce PPC services provider you hired to take control of the campaigns.

You can target audiences based on demographics, location, interest, past behavior, device, and other factors. Ideally, you would want to target those users and run the ads that appeal best to them.

That way you not only turn a profit, but you improve ROAS continuously over the long term. It’s not just about the dollars you earn, but how much you spend to earn them.

The less you spend and the more you earn, the better, right?

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If your eCommerce PPC campaigns are experiencing any of the issues mentioned here, it might be time to have a serious talk with your eCommerce PPC services provider – or to get a new one.

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