June 14, 2024

The game of cricket is one of the serious games in which players showcase their skills and nerves on the pitch. But, in the heat of rivalry, there are many times that we all can laugh heartily together. In these moments, everyone plays and spectators are smiling to their faces. The women of the Indian cricket team have had their fair share of such amusing incidents, and we have gathered some of the most memorable for you. These make up the cricket highlights of today match segment or the ipl highlights today segment, which we all enjoy.

The Finger-Pointing Figure  

 While playing a crucial match between India and England in the 2017 World Cup women’s tournament, an incident of Punam Raut falling into a state of comedy took place. Raut was stunned by the decision made by the umpire and as if to protest the decision, she got out of the field marching her finger at her back, and reached the pavilion. Nevertheless, the umpire responded with a playful finger wave that made everyone in the audience laugh. This proved that even in tense situations, even a slight amount of joking can be an emotional vent.

The Horrible Celebration  

 In a thrilling match in the Women’s T20 Challenge in 2019, being the celebrated celebrations, Smriti Mandhana and Harmanpreet Kaur were involved in a hilarious incident. Once Mandhana hit a boundary, the two players were about to give each other a high five, but the timing got wrong and both players collided in a weird position. The crowd blew up in laughter, and that scene became an instant sensation online with the media catching up with the drama.

The slip-and-slide fielding  

 Rain-ruined matches are times when the outfield turns into a slippery place which results in some ridiculous situations. One such instance was when India fielder Deepti Sharma’s diving block accidentally led her to go much more than she wanted to and covered half the field. The girls of her team could not help but laugh at the unexpected slide show, and to their desire, even the other players also joined in the laughter. It proves that sometimes the world of cricket can be like a slippery slope, but a good dose of humour can help everyone to remain grounded.

The case of the Batting Helmet Mishap 

 In a fight situation, Mithali Raj was in a comical moment when her headgear kept falling off. As she was going for the final delivery, the helmet slid off making her adjust it from time to time. The umpires and the fielders were kind of amused seeing the best batter handling her helmet with so much difficulty. Mithali also appreciated the joke and with everyone else went on smiling, thus making everyone realize that the best players also have their share of funny moments.

The Stumping Celebration over the Top  

 I have no other words to describe the celebration of Taniya Bhatia as she was excited to the extent of being carried away. She leaped and her momentum took her further than she had thought possible and she fell into the stumps causing the bails to go all over the place. Her fellow players went on the loose as they watched Taniya attempt to do a celebratory dance which unfortunately ended in a re-stumping. That was a memory that showed that at times games result in unpredictable and odd occurrences.

The Fateful Catch  

 During the fierce game, when Jhulan Goswami thought she had taken an amazing catch at mid-off, she found out that the ball that had escaped her fingers had fallen to the ground instead. Goswami’s reaction was priceless as she held out her hand and froze in a catching pose and it took a while for her to believe what had just happened. The opposition batsman couldn’t help but burst out laughing at the funny situation and could not even stop the umpires from stifling their giggles. It was a humorous moment that demonstrates that even the best players may at times experience blunders and mistakes.

The wardrobe malfunction 

 During one of her crucial matches, Harmanpreet Kaur ended up in an embarrassing yet funny situation when her pants ripped off during her batting. As she tried to perform a rail, her pants’s seam split sending her into an embarrassing pose. Harmanpreet dealt with the incident with absolute grace and with a good ol’ sense of humour and by adjusting her sarong, she continued with the game. The teammates and opponents around her weren’t spared from the incident as they burst into laughter, which only made the tense match more fun.

 The Kick-the-Stumps Incident 

 Smriti Mandhana after being treated disappointingly by the umpire got carried away by that and kicked the stumps in anger. Nevertheless, her foot was a bit too gentle, and the stumps flew past the umpire at random, causing a general pandemonium on the cricket field. Mandhana’s teammates and even the fielding team couldn’t hold back laughter from this unusual situation. It was a lesson on how cricket is full of emotions, but one can see the lighter side of this even in the toughest of times with a humorous outlook.

 The dropping catch  

 As the action tightened in a critical moment, Veda Krishnamurthy, the Indian fielder, faced a funny situation while dropping an easy catch. When the loop of the ball arrived towards her, she had misinterpreted the trajectory and she ended up dropping it with the most ridiculous falls. Contrary to their expectations, her teammates could not help but laugh at the unexpected situation, and the opponents’ players even joined in the laughter.



These funny incidents in the history of Indian women’s cricket tell us, that while the game is a high-level professional and competitive event, a lucky joke is always welcome. Moments like these are not only a source of entertainment for the fans but also a token of knowledge that players, camaraderie, and sportsman spirits can endure humility and celebrate the lighter side of the game. Therefore, the next time you watch the cricket highlights of today match segment or the IPL highlights today segment, observe these funny incidences – they might just cheer you up and remind you that cricket is not merely a sport but it is a way of life too.

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