June 14, 2024

The worldwide popularity of the Jellycat Bashful Bunny is one of the hallmarks of this soft toy and, thus, the perfect world of plushies. The core feature of it that made it the most attractive one is its extra softness neither of which any other brand can ever compete with it. In children, the Bunny’s fur becomes an emotional and next-level physical recreation. It is made of a nice-touching-to-the-skin fabric that only urges you to snuggle a lot. That polish of it, with its smooth texture, makes us feel both inside and outside warm and snug, dear to our senses. 

Jellycat has a great offer for the whole forest of bunnies being fun and cuddlesome characters that are all different from each other. Because of their soft textures and favorite shapes, kids love Jellycats in all artistic designs among many other expressions. Indeed, these rabbits are not ordinary toys because they have tiny smiles, fluffy long and short ears, and other cute characteristics, they become playmates and friends while they accompany introduce children into the magical world of childhood’s play. 

It’s in a broad range of sizes and can be found in the market. No matter your child’s individual taste and playing method, finding the perfect Jellycat bunny of the right size for them will not be a difficult task since the collection is designed to meet a variety of needs.

 It may be micro-towable or large cuddle-able, the options are no strings attached. Jellycat ensures that children have a secure and pleasant experience through their adherence to safety & quality standards. They have received the trust of moms and dads. 

Jellycats undergo drain testing programs that allow for a perception by parents of safety for their kids. These cuddly buddies are strong and preferably durable too which ensures that they don’t break or lose their shape when children have got some playtime in which they push them hard.

Jellycat bunnies become more than decorated stuffed toys when used to draw out the imagination during play. The Jellycat bunnies not only create a companion for the children but often result in them inventing stories where they play different roles, which places bunnies at the very core of the children’s play adventures.

It is time to explore the 5 main stores that sell Jellycat bunnies in Singapore.

  • Lovingly Signed:

Lovingly Signed’ is the most caring company ever to popularize the bunnies of the brand Jellycat. If several months pass without calling or responding, they are likely to seek companionship elsewhere. Discover Lovingly Signed and find yourself wandering in a stimulating environment of bespoke high-end Jellycat Bashful Bunny with a delightful buying voyage.

  • Hamleys:

Hamleys helps us to feel the actual pleasure of the targetted toy company Jellycat Bunnies. If you are a fan of Jellycat or go through a routine where you cannot be without it, Hamleys in the middle of Singapore must be your spot to confide in as it has a great and wide variety of options from the Bashful Bunnies which is the traditional to the confusion due to many different personalities.

  • Tiny Red Balloon:

Tiny Red Balloon is an earthy kids’ show that admits to imagination and fantasy. Take your time going through the Little Red Balloon’s handpicked Jellycat bunnies. You will surely be delighted when you reach Bunny Bliss which contains huggable toys and amazing accessories built to relive your childhood memories.

  • The Children’s Exhibition:

The Children’s Exhibition is for quiet moms who are seeking the best or the most unique toys. Along with this cute bunny pack of Jellycat, it’s a great choice for a gift. The design and quality of the products offered by this enterprise are placed at the highest rank and the Jellycat bunnies in their collection are not just irresistibly cute but also visually appealing to both parents and their kids.

  • HipVan:

HipVan is a shop from Singapore that has the Jellycat cute rabbits for those who, instead of shopping, would prefer to do it at home. Whether you want a tiny bunny, a large fluffy one, or a Bunny of your imagination, it can all be found and delivered to your door without a hassle. Take time out for the peaceful feeling with adorable bunny slippers and buying online at HipVan will save you both your precious time and money.

  • Isetan:

Isetan is the toy department that sells Jellycat bunnies in a nice variety that can be considered adorable. Families who would like to purchase quality and various characters amid the city can go to Bunny Bliss by roaming the aisles of the Isetan, which has a lot to offer. They can find a basket-load of different sizes here.


Jellycat Bashful Bunny is a stuffed toy. It is just for the sake of play; instead, it is something more than that. It is also a place where any distractions can disappear and a source of the necessary peace and safety. 

The bunny’s cuddly and lovable traits offer a comforting presence for the child in dark places, there even when disturbing circumstances occur. The Bunny is a new friend as he always brings comfort and recognition. The worth to the Jellycat bunny owner of a collection is considerable and older adults look forward to acquiring different variants of the product to have viewed them. 


People are excited to catch a Jellycat bunny because it is a sort of toy collector like precious things of all ages. Lovingly Signed is the most recommended shop from above mentioned. From cozy soft toy classics to newer creations, such as Jellycat Bear, Fox, and Elephants, Lovingly Signed shop has it all. It brings together high-level jobs and affordable price toys for children.


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