June 24, 2024

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn uses Gil as its currency. There are various ways of earning Gil, such as hunting monsters or selling items on the Market Board.

Some players choose to become Crafters and sell their goods on the Market Board as this provides an easy and sustainable means of earning cash.


FFXIV gil can be earned through quests, dungeons and killing monsters in-game. Players can use this gil to purchase glamorous items, mounts and houses – the amount needed depending on each player and their needs.

Gathering is a fantastic way to make money in-game, but it can be costly. To maximize returns from gathering time spent gathering it is vitally important that Macros are effectively used. All markets differ and certain methods might work better on one server than on another due to price variations or players already focused on them.


Gil is the in-game currency used to purchase weapons and armor as well as items for teleportation and repairs. Collecting enough FFXIV gil is vitally important; having it allows players to travel around freely between worlds freely, buy gear to catchup to higher level content quickly, stockpile consumables and teleports for retainers, and stockpile consumables and teleports for retainers.

Miners, Fishermen and Botanists can use Gathering Jobs such as Miner, Fisherman or Botanist to produce steady streams of ffxiv gil. Treasure maps, player housing gardens or Free Company workshops also can generate an extra source of gil, although their earnings tend to be less stable than other means. 


One of the easiest and fastest ways to earn Gil in Final Fantasy XIV is through questing. Quests provide players with ample Gil while also progressing the storyline. Daily duty roulettes also give a significant amount of Gil, as do leve and sidequests.

Players can make considerable profit from treasure hunting. Most treasure can be found in high-level zones like Lestallum and Allagan; treasure hunts usually reward gil and gear and can be repeated multiple times for added earnings.

Retainer Ventures provide another efficient means of earning Gil, as these allow gamers to send out retainers without incurring Gil costs or energy consumption for small quests without incurring costs in terms of money or energy use. While rewards from Retainer Ventures may not be as significant, over time their benefits add up quickly.


FFXIV features an expansive travel system, using Aetherytes to teleport to all major zones within Eorzea without spending too much Gil. This enables players to explore all corners of Eorzea without breaking their budget!

Enemy enemies also drop FFXIV gil, which the player can collect by opening treasure chests or selling equipment after killing creatures. Furthermore, players can use the Bribe command to receive small amounts of gil as gifts from these enemies.

Miners, Artisans and Engineers in Final Fantasy XIV can quickly make extra Gil by collecting Elemental Shards, Crystals and Clusters for the Market Committee – these activities should only be seen as supplements but may help increase your ability to bring in extra funds into your wallet.

Market Board

One factor driving many players between games is time spent farming currency. However, this issue tends to be less of a factor in Final Fantasy XIV as rewards often come rolling in, crafting provides constant sources of Gil and dungeons offer regular opportunities to earn it.

Treasure Hunts and Guildleves are popular methods of earning Gil in Final Fantasy XIV, though they require significant time investment. An alternative method would be Retainer Ventures which provide an effective means of undercutting other players on the Market Board to quickly amass millions of gil.

Retainer Ventures

Once players have completed all main scenario quests and trained up their retainers to level 17, players can send them on so-called Ventures – missions that cost certain amounts of Venture currency (Gil) but provide experience levels or class level increases, equipment or materials which they can resell on the Market Board as rewards.

When embarking on a Venture, materials retrieved depend on both your job and gear level (Gathering stat). Botany Retainers often go “Hunting”, gathering animal skins; Mining Retainers seek out mining resources during exploration ventures.


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