June 14, 2024

Ice cream is the most favorite dessert in the world for all ages! Since childhood, we all have been eating this cold creamy sweet dish and never get bored of this. Cone sleeves make your ice cream a fantastic wonder for everyone to eat! In this blog, you will discover ways to market your ice cream packaging, but before starting let’s find out some benefits of this.

We all experience our ice cream melting and dripping away from our hands and making them wet and cold as well. But having a cone sleeve will save you from this and allow you to hold it easily without getting your hands sticky. The most amazing this about this is it can give your ice cream an artistic look!


If you want to create a beautiful cone for your customers, get into the customized options where you can put your designs. Further, with a variety of colors and quality materials, you can make your every cone look incredible. 


You can go with any size and style to fit small or large with ice cream. Also, choose from colors and make your design that will resonate with the flavors of your ice cream.  Hence get on with your imagination with full creativity on the wholesale custom cone sleeves to make your brand stand tall!

Selecting a Packaging Material


The material usually used in the packaging of food is either paper or cardboard. These materials are of high quality and are durable making sure to keep your icecream safe. Each has its specialty. 

Paper Material 

Paper packaging is lighter and more flexible as compared to rigid cardboard material, however doesn’t easily fold or tear. In this way brand can create simple sleeves with highly appealing colors to make your logo visible to the customers without any complication.  This material aids in making waffle cone sleeves packaging.


Cardboard Packaging 

cardboard packaging gives your ice cream cone sleeves a solid real feel with its strong and rigid material. Hence, giving a strong image to your brand and letting your products stand out in the market with perfect packaging. Being moisture-resistant this cardboard also shields your icecream from melting or getting dirty. 

High-Quality Printing 


Giving your customers ice cream with your branded logo and design makes a good impression on your brand while also making them unique with customized design. This sets them apart from other competitors. Printing techniques cater to you with different design option that suits well to your brand.


  • Screen printing is a traditional method that makes use of a screen to insert a color of your choice into the sleeve. The finishing of this printing helps in making detailed design and graphics, giving it a classic look! A great offset printing option for the inclusion of lively colors and vivid textures. Moreover, the less usage of ink contributes to eco-friendly packaging.


  • Digital printing is the most common and simple technique used by brands to create their design and piece of artwork.  This method can also be used to design a business logo, name, and address of your brand. Further, brands can easily get what they want with a diverse range of colors to choose from. 

Layout and design


You have a whole diversity to choose the design according to your choice and make your design impress the audience beyond their imagination. A large patch of design can cover the entire cone or have many small designs to give a detailed deeper look. Further with the right use of contrast colors, you make your product stand out.  For children adding up fictional characters like Batman and Rapunzel will incite emotions and engage them in taking the bite.


Vibrant & Bright Colors


Color selection is the most important step to make your cone look bright as well as reflect your brand image. There is a wide variety of colors to pick for your cone! Let’s discuss the basic color that is most used!

  • CMYK is a color model comprising cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. By using different shades and hues of color, you can give a limitless range of colors to your cone packaging to make a colorful and attractive design. Furthermore, the right selection of colors from several colors makes your custom cone packaging  appealing to the audience 


  • PMS is a type of color method where solid colors are selected. In this method, a list of colors is usually given with each having its code number to be used according to the specifications of your brand. Businesses that want to have a specific color chart or want bold and vibrant colors to show off their brand image benefit from his type of color method. 


Size of Food Packaging


The size of the custom printed hot dog boxes matters the most despite what design or color you choose for your custom cone sleeves!  Because if it doesn’t fit the product all the struggle to engage the audience toward your cone will go all in vain. There are two packaging styles. Custom cone packaging will allow you to make the exact dimensions for every cone size and will fit your every cone from baby ice cream cones to large waffle cones. 


Summing Up The Blog


Cone sleeves make up the final look of your product as well as your brand leading to more customer engagement if it’s done rightly. The choice of colors, design layout, and printing make all the difference in creating a unique ice cream cone that no other ice cream can beat.  This leads to more sales as adults, and children will buy it just by giving it a look!

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